Frequently Asked Questions

No! our application can extract an unlimited amount of leads without RDP(VPS) or Proxy
Yes. You can target businesses based on their keyword/category
You can target any language at any location
Yes. you can find an unlimited amount of unclaimed GMBs

Emails are not listed on Google Maps, but this tool can still obtain an email address related to the listed businesses. This is a unique feature making it stand out from other Google Maps scraping software.

Note: If there is no email on the business site, then it will not be possible to extract the email!

Yes. as long as the owner attached their Social Media URLs it will be scrapped too.

Yes. Leads-Sniper results will show you the review count of each business via Excel sheet.

We offer a money-back guarantee within 48 hours if the software does not work as advertised. Please contact us if you encounter any issues with the product within this time frame

NOTE: Our software is a scraper for Google Maps only!

Try the free version before purchasing.

Yes. you can scrape an UNLIMITED amount of GMBs with any plan.

Yes. atm, we offer only LifeTime Version.